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Biomimicry brings nature’s solutions to design problems and brings current internet technology to the biomimicry discussion., created by the Biomimicry Institute, offers the beginnings of an encyclopedia of nature’s solutions to common design problems such as structural support, adhesion, energy harvesting, and cleaning. Natural design solutions are linked to products based on that solution when they are available (an entry on photosynthesis, for example, links to an entry on dye-based solar cells).

Each entry on features a single design solution from nature, such as the way butterfly wings scatter light to create colors without the need for pigments.

Users can generate content through online discussions and submissions and can also apply to be curators of content in their fields of expertise. In this way the site will grow beyond the expertise of the current team of editors at the Biomimicry Institute, creating the potential for rapid growth in access to innovative, environmentally friendly technologies.

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