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Here is a place to add comments questions about the competition.

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  • EDL admin

    January 30, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Q – It sounds like the pilot’s lounge is for meals. The program says seating for 60, is this tables and chairs for eating? And the kitchen is elsewhere? Do the pilots use this space for anything else (hanging in the evening?) And should this space be isolated in any way, or is it ok for non-pilots to visit and enjoy?

    A – The Pilots Lounge serves a number of needs. Envision it as a place with couches, coffee tables, barko loungers, and folding chairs. Event goers flying in my stop and rest there, Charter pilots, relax there between flights, briefings are held there in the mornings on the rules of the Airport for pilots who wish multiple take offs and landings, pilots their guests and Airport campers might eat their breakfast or dinner there. Often pilots and campers will donate alcohol and mixers to a temporary open bar that gets set up in one corner of the Lounge.

    Meals are prepared and served in a separate mobile kitchen which may be attached to the Lounge on one side.

    Furniture for inside the Lounge will be provided by others.

    Airport campers will use the Lounge for conversation and socializing in the evening and occasionally someone from town who looses track of time or their way will crash there overnight on one of the couches.

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