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EDL Radio Interview with Deborah Lindsey on Tomorrow Matters (Jan 18th 2009)

Thomas Rettenwender speaks with Pacific Grove Council member Deborah Lindsey about the Ecologic Design Lab and the current state of the green building industry.


Competition Discussion Blog

Here is a place to add comments questions about the competition.

Dharma Ridge Whole Earth Institute Schedules Opening Event Sep 29

The Dharma Ridge Whole Earth Institute schedules its opening event to celebrate the beginning of the UCSC Environmental Studies Fall Internship Program.  With live music, belly dancing, …

Gisela Moreno Speaks About Architecture in Colombia

Gisela Moreno of Maloka Casas Designs speaks about her experiences as a building designer in Salinas and Colombia.


Ten Solutions for Clean Energy Independence

Guest presentation by :

Thomas W. Rettenwender, MA, M Arch, LEED AP, Architect

EcoLogic Design Lab, Monterey, California


Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Kyoto, Japan.

The RIHN …

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